Innovate IOT

Save time, money and drive efficiency with remote monitoring systems.


IOT (internet of things)

We help our clients deploy and integrate their IoT solutions with their existing systems and infrastructure. Our deployment services include system installation, configuration, and testing, which enable our clients to achieve a seamless integration of their IoT solutions. We specialize on low-cost data gathering systems to allow clients to get real-time alerts from their operations or environment and successfully monitor remote equipment or spaces. IOT solutions can add value by replacing labour requirements for monitoring and sampling such as dust, rainfall, pipe flows etc.

Remote Camera
Hardware development and firmware
Software development
Data Transmission

LoraWan, LTE, NB-IOT, Cat-M1, Long-range Wifi, Satellite

Remote control systems
Data storate and processing

Agricultural IOT (internet of things)

Innovation Industries offer a wide variety of low cost, low power sensors that can improve the visibility of your operations and properties without the need for constant physical checks. The Innovate IOT range covers the following:

    innovation iot sensor transmitter
    • Remote cameras with event or time based triggers
    • Tank level monitoring
    • Pipe / retic monitoring
    • Soil Monitoring – PH / Moisture / Temperature / Conductivity monitoring
    • Gate status monitoring
    • Weather Stations – Temp, Rainfall, Humidity, Wind
    • CO2 Monitoring
    • Water Quality
    • CO monitoring
    • Plus more


    Hardware (once-off purchase)

    LoraWan Sensor Transmitters

    LoraWan Gateways

    Camera Systems

    How Innovate IOT Works

    As all customer needs are different the exact setup will be different depending on things like:

    • What sensors or devices are desired
    • Size of the property
    • Topography of the property and any major infrastructure
    • Mobile network coverage

    Once this is established the most cost effective data transmission methods can be selected. This can be just one type of protocol or a range or several.


    Innovate IOT prides itself on being flexible here with the ability to use the following technologies:

    • LoraWan – Best for very long range transmission from sensors to a central gateway or hub. Ultra low power device usage allows battery devices to last 6-10 years.
    • 4G Mobile Network – Good for transferring larger datasets but requires more power, typically a battery and solar system.
    • NB IOT
    • Long Range WiFi
    • Satellite